I can’t quite put my finger on it, but Jane seems different somehow. I bet it’s the new clothes.
Seriously, what the Hett, Jane?!

Here’s the first chicken scratched thumbnails for this page.
Blocking out the dialog, expressions and panels.

EDIT: As an aside, I really wanted to share that Anna, the maid, is a trans woman. But, I couldn’t find a way to do the subject justice that didn’t derail the main story so it never gets mentioned. Anything that wasn’t from Jane’s point of view, the “I” in the title, got cut. Long story short, Anna is like an aunt so Jane’s behavior here has crossed a line. There will be consequences.

Original Script

One week later

The maid is opening curtains and letting in the light.
Jane comes in the front door looking exhausted and 
disheveled, wearing a hooded cloak.
My, you are out early this morning.
Did you witness the sun rise?

Did I speak to you?

No, I only…

Throws the cloak at her and stomps off.
Then only speak when you’re spoken to.
Servants these days lack discipline. 

Maid looks shocked, about to cry.