Well, the old mummy visage only lasted 2 pages. Maybe being undead is a phase you eventually grow out of? Stay tuned as the bandages come off and we see what Jane’s healed face looks like after all this time.

We also got some great holiday art from the guys over at Doodling Around. Happy Holidays!



More mummy fanart.

Original Script

JANE (Voiceover)
Grandmamma couldn’t have been that dreadful. 
She left us her colossal house.
Jane and brother exploring the old house. 
White sheets cover the furniture. 

It’s been almost a year since I woke up.
Jane flopping onto her huge new 4-poster bed. 
Harriet flies around overhead.

I’m allergic to sunlight.
Polymorphic light eruption.
The bandages help.
Jane playing croquet in the yard.

I’m getting better, slowly. 
Unwrapping her arm gauze. 

And so, today I venture outside.
Like an ordinary soul.
She picks up a pair of scissors.