Mmm, chocolate cupcakes make everything better.
Until you get it all over your face.

On Character Design: If you want iconic characters keep their color palettes simple and unique. Mario, Green Lantern, Laura Croft, any Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog–can you visualize each in full color? Take this minimalist Street Fighter image, for example. Even if you’ve never played the game it’s not too difficult to match these color bars with their fully rendered originals.


A similar approach was used for the two “characters” introduced in the page above. They even share a few colors to tie them together. I have a hard time telling some comic characters apart, so I try to give everyone in a scene a unique color scheme where each person is easily identifiable. Even when you can’t see their faces. Of course, the opposite can be used  to intentionally confuse readers.

Original Script

That evening

Jane walks into the living room eating a doughnut. Harriet is on her shoulder. 
Jane’s parents and two strangers are standing in the room, looking at her.
NOTE: Whatever Jane is wearing in this scene will be 
what she wears for a long time.

Sweet oblivion.

Jane, I’d like you to meet Madame Simza. 
Indicates a bizarrely dressed older woman, who bows. 
Behind her is a black teen boy.


She can cast away that wretched spirit which plagues you.