More cameos. In panel #2: Pato from “M9 Girls!” by Rulopótamo, and a very lost trio from “Vatican Assassins” by Melissa J Massey. I had to cover Pato’s legs to protect innocent Victorian sensibilities, but the scandalous version is still on Tapastic. At least until the censors take it down.

In panel #5 is Ariane from Ariane Eldar – Private and other comics by SPG/Isambard.

Go check them out:

Original Script

Jane follows a growing crowd as it gathers in a nearby 
square. In the background someone is giving a speech 
about the proud history of Crater City.

(Drones on behind the following panels)
Blah blah blah

Jane searches the crowd while eating an apple. 
She throws away most of it.


Where? I don’t see her.

Not her. Him!
Zoom in to show the boy who helped at the séance.