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Jane has a slight deficiency in street smarts. Return to this spot on Thursday for an exciting chase through streets and down alleyways.

Original Script

Jane and the boy exit the alley onto 
an unusually deserted street.

Whispers through clenched teeth.
Do not glance back.
Unless you wish to appear guilty.

They round the corner on the next block and pause.

Phew! That was close. 
I’m too pretty for the hoosegow.

They can’t imprison children.
Can they?

Feigning offense
I’m older than you.
But, ‘Lewis’? What kind of name is— 

A series of gun shots rings out behind them, 
from the square. Then lots of screaming.

Boy steps around the corner and is spotted 
by the two police tailing them from the air.

Aw hobknockers! 

Looks around the corner
Where those gunshots?

Run, eejit!