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Special thanks to all of you who entered the Name That Shoppe contest on the Mummy Facebook page many weeks ago!

Because I can’t resist an awful pun the winning submission is Current Coiffure by Marilyn Jordan. “Modern electrifying styles in seconds.” The runner up was Neil Kapit’s entry The Greased Handlebar. Both winners appear as themselves in today’s strip.


Would you trust a robot for a shave and a haircut? Only two bits.

The wooden moving sidewalk is inspired by a real one that skirted around the Eiffel Tower during the 1900 Paris Expo. Here’s a video! There was also an earlier design from the late 1800s Chicago Expo that had seats like this one.


Did you notice the ominous shape diving through the archway in the last panel? Return to this locale on Monday for the dramatic confrontation of “Jane Vs. Batcop”!