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As she once told her sister in the previous volume, “Without the gauze I get puss-filled sun blisters.” Return to this location on Monday next for more blistering excitement and … Lewis’ shocking SECRET!

Original Script

They wait in dark silence. 
The boy watches Jane. (A whole page of panels showing them 
setting and waiting in the dark) Jane starts crying silently.

After a few dismal hours of hiding out...

Later. Peeking around an overhang up at the sky.
Clear skies. 

Note: Jane’s skin is now pure white
At the rally, did the soldiers…
All those people? 

As they walk
Ah, I am sure there will be a sensible justification. 
It goes like this:
(Intercut gruesome aftermath scenes in sepia)
Some nazy rogue throws a brick.
The blue-coats fear for their safety. 
Points his finger at Jane like a pistol.

Peers closely at Jane.
What is wrong with your face?