British Wild Flowers

‘British Wild Flowers’


Jane Webb Loudon (1807-1858)

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The yellow flower Lewis is attacking is St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), a plant used to treat depression, typically in adolescents.

The real Jane Webb, the namesake of our protagonist and author of the first steampunk mummy adventure, was a famous botanist in her day. Jane popularized flower gardening. The image on the right is one of her drawings from her many books on the subject.

Original Script

Frowning while absentmindedly playing with her knife.
There are no ‘girls’ ‘round here. Not for long.
Better to be a boy. 
And carry a blade.

Snatches her knife away in one swift move.
And pickpocket.

Sure. If it were important to ‘em they would protect it better. 

YOU swiped my necklace?!

Heh. Simza employed me to lift it.
She saw your bauble on the news and had a flush buyer lined up.

Holding out a blistered hand to hand the knife back.
I require that trinket to live.
It’s a kind of curse.

So, you’re no angel then?

Harriet the bird lands on Jane’s shoulder and she absentmindedly pets it.
No. Not an angel.
Pulls out some of her own hair and holds it out.
A monster.