In which we get to know Lewis’ little band of urchins a better, and Jane regrets scarfing all that free food earlier in the day.

Did you spot the Princess Chroma action figure in the second panel? If you like magical girl parodies then this webcomic was made just for you. I’ve really enjoyed following the misadventures of June, Leopold and company as they try to save the world from monochromatism.

Original Script

Hugs Lewis’s leg.
Nibs heard all the shooting.

We thought you died.

Prying him off
Me? Never!
Just had to rescue her majesty here.

Caught with his hand in Lewis’ pocket.
Where’s my birthday present?

Sad faced
Sorry, mate. The bats confiscated it.
But, they gave you this.
Puts the police cap on Curly’s head.
And a cake.

Lewis pulls a squished angel pastry and apple out of her pockets. 
Cuts it into slices with her knife like a miniature 
cake, and hands bits around.

Jane eats her small piece guilty.