Jane’s amoeba-like blood isn’t creepy at all.
Hey, Neil, that old woman is wearing your cat!

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Slang of the day: POPT – To be shot with gun.
I popt the cull; I shot the man.
His means are two pops and a galloper; that is, he is a highwayman.
Check out the Dictionary for more archaic vocabulary.

Finally, here’s the hilarious behind-the-scenes reference collage used for the 5th panel.


Original Script

Covering Jane’s blank face with a cloak.
Any person know who she belongs to?

Sits up holding her head, still covered in the cloak.
Ow! Ow! Ow! That STINGS!

People stumble back surprised. 
Large man on crutches falls over.

Holding Jane’s hand.
Careful, love. 
You been shot.
How you endured is the mystery.

Big angry guy with crutch tries to stand back up.
Tarnation, Stella. Those blue-bollocked bastards 
won’t stop less we stop ‘em.

Reaching out
Did the watch do this to you?

Yeah, it’s cost me a fortnight of wages.
Who is going to—

Jane touches his leg, eyes closed.