The Undersheriff doesn’t seem concerned about giving Jane a fair trial. She’s already going off-script.

If you’re familiar with Crater Lake, Oregon (where this story takes place), Shiprock Prison is a fictional jail located on top of Phantom Ship island, the remains of an ancient lava fissure. That’s where this prisoner airship is headed.


Writer’s Block. Originally, this scene was going to take place in a concrete jail cell. A nice and easy to draw room. “You know what would be cool”, I thought, “Stuff the prisoners in cages, like wild animals. Oh, and it should take place on a steampunk airship!” You know what sucks about drawing rows and rows of cages? Bars! Bars as far as the eye can see. Bars in front. Bars in back. Bars on top and bottom! Bars! Bars! BARS! You know what sucks about drawing steam powered vehicles? Yep, more bars. Big fat bars, aka pipes. Then add lighting effects. Why do I do this to myself?! 🙂

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