The city in this story is built around a real volcano caldera — Crater Lake in Oregon. The island in the middle is actually called Wizard Island, so I put a castle on it. Not a wizard castle, just a regular castle.

Original Script

A festival of colors as air ships and water craft of all shapes and 
sizes form two parallel walls along the parade route across Crater Lake.

The parade begins with rows of soldiers flying in parade formation. 
Followed by frightening military air ships and massive flying weapons 
and strange machinery. All displaying the empire’s flag.

The air is thick with confetti. Show common people waving from their water 
craft below, and on the bridge between the palace (Wizard Island) and mainland.


Show a long distance shot of the queen standing on her palace balcony waving 
to the troops. Palace guards (in different uniforms) salute on either side of her.