Indie Webcomics

  • Area 42 – Mike Podgor, A paranormal investigator, an alien and zaniness.
  • BOHICA Blues – CF Grant, The tragicomedy of being a Gulf War soldier.
  • Decrypting Rita – Margaret Trauth. A robot lady is pulled into alternate dimensions.
  • Demon Archives – Daniel Sharp. 100 years after WW3 the survivors try to rebuild civilization.
  • The Disappearance of Melody Dean – Alexis Sugden. Love, murder and time travel.
  • Doodling Around – Brothers Gual & Chano. A bunch of friends goofing off.
  • Ensanguine – Grace Clare. I cannot describe this one. Just read it.
  • Falling Into Place – Phoebe. Three kids, an island with strange inhabitants and a mysterious past.
  • Groovy, Kinda – Charlie Wise(ass). A nerd, a lush, a children’s librarian, and an adorable robot. PG-13
  • In Love & Justice – Lisa. Slice of life comedy, but do you even lift?
  • M9 Girls! – Rulopótamo. Armed with new abilities, the girls protect the world from evil forces while trying to finish college with a decent GPA.
  • Princess Chroma – Melaredblu. A violent, defiant tomboy is the last person you’d expect to become a Magical Girl.
  • Pirate Mike – Brad Perri.  He quit the sea to raise a family in the suburbs.
  • This Mortal Coil – Glenn Song. Gorgeous silhouette art; A warrior battles a wolf demon who mauled her friend, on the moon.
  • Thunderbird – Linkenlog. A western fairy tale, with centaurs.
  • Vatican Assassins – Melissa J Massey, A secret militia of blessed teens who fight demons and protect the Pope.
  • Zoie & White Rabbits – comics by Kristin Tipping.
  • Zukahnaut – Otty justason & Sonya Somers. The Hulk finally comes out of the closet (not really).

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