Oops, how can Jane become a steampunk superhero without a secret identity?

Return next Thursday, when things get… weird.

Original Script

That same evening

In the Webb home drawing room. 
Mom is sitting with a glass of red wine. 
Dad is standing and holding a newspaper.

Sigh. I cannot believe she blurted to the world 
of her mystical abilities.

Janie is not as matured as she appears. 
You should not have granted the interview.

Everyone saw her fall. And brush it off.
The news pipes may be under the Royal thumb, 
but a story denied only invites inquiry. 

Jane is listening in the next room

This may end worse.
The palace could label her some miracle of science. 
Make a spectacle of it to show up the Easterners.

The Queen would never…

No. Not Her. 
She’s never involved. 
But the others…