Purchase Volume 1 - Grand Opening Day

Volume 1 – Grand Opening Day now has a physical manifestation inscribed by teams of artisans onto 100 of the finest sheets of papyrus, and bound together with the hairs from not one but 15 different yaks.

For a blink in the brief life of our universe the digital download is FREE of cost and can projected into your eyeballs through the magical power of Ra’s celestial rays.

Original Script

Turns to a person on the other side.
Yes, of course. Excuse me.
Sheriff Nickenberry!
Can you confirm if today’s excitement was a failed 
suicide-attack by anti-monarchists?

My men are still conducting interviews, 
but rest assured we will find the responsible parties and bring them to justice. 

Just like our little Angel of Mercy did with the last batch. Heh.
Squeezes Jane’s shoulder. 
She looks uncomfortable.
The Crater City watch is committed to the safety of all its loyal citizens.

Close-up on the reporter.
Thank you, Sheriff Nickenberry.
And Jane Webb, Crater City’s own Angel of Mercy. Criminals beware!

Cut to a printed poster with the caption “CCL NEWS: We report. 
You decide. Every day at half-past six and five.”

Return to this tube at half-past five for eleven tips on 
how to identify a democrat. There could be one in your locality. 
Have a terrific day!