From a beautiful sunrise to the dark underbelly of utopia in a single page. I hope Jane knows what she’s gotten herself into. Probably not.

I time-shifted the dialog so it’s not in sync with the visuals. Trying all the new things on this one. Was it too confusing?

Before you get too excited about the art, I’m still at the “slavish use of references” skill level. At least for the more realistic style I felt this story needed. Some people seem to take this personally, that it’s somehow deceitful, that it supersedes and invalidates everything else on the page. So, don’t say I didn’t give full disclosure. I blame Wally Wood. Hopefully you’ll still appreciate the product more than the process. Thanks for reading!

“Never draw anything you can copy, never copy anything you can trace, never trace anything you can cut out and paste up.” –Wally Wood

Original Script

The next morning

Early morning sunrise. 
Harriet is flying above the city looking for Jane. 
Harriet flies down to a city park and glides past two strolling policemen. 
The bird spots Jane, who is curled up asleep on a park bench. 
Harriet lands on Jane’s shoulder and tugs on her earlobe. 
Note: Jane’s skin is now 50% lighter.


Oh, did she direct you to me?


A pair of city police stroll by in the distance.
They start harassing a sleeping drunk or homeless man by a fountain.

Yawning and stretching.
No. I’m not prepared to return home.
Not ‘til I provide a little justice to M. Simza.
That’ll show ‘em.

Jane sees the police beating the man.
She slinks away in the opposite direction.