Today is I, Mummy’s 1 year anniversary!!! By one year of age a neurotypical comic should be able to respond to simple spoken commands, play games like peek-a-boo, attempt to repeat words it hears, and get into a sitting position without help. I’m so proud of my little comic!!!

Anyway, the ancient Egyptian god Anubis is depicted as a black jackal even though jackals aren’t black. The color represented both death (black decayed bodies) and rebirth or life (black fertile soil of the Nile River). I never planned to show Jane like this in the netherworld, but I tried it on a whim and loved the result. Being flexible pays off.


Photo credit: “BD Hunefer cropped 1” by unknown Egyptian artisan (Jon Bodsworth: photographer) – BD_Hunefer.jpg. Via Wikimedia Commons –

Designing this version of the Scales was fun, too. It’s based on similar mechanics to the ones shown in The Book of the Dead, above.

Oh, look. There’s little Ammit, the devourer of souls. Part crocodile, part lion, part hippo, all demon. I wonder if she’ll make an appearance? Return to this locale on Thursday to find out just how naughty Mr. Lewis has been.