Be careful what you wish for. Speaking of which, all of the victims on this page are characters from other webcomics, sentenced by their own creators. Those monsters! Seven and a half cameos in one page. Whew! By panel number, the unfortunate victims are:

  1. Uncle Greedy from Steampunk Gorgon by SPG.
  2. Xerxes from Kyria by Aero Zero. What’s in the box Aero?
  3. Stephanie from Groovy, Kinda by Charlie. My sincerest apologies.
  4. The author of How We Stay Sane @ Work, ProjectShiro.
    And, Bob’s feet from Elsewhere by Joe5art.
  5. Pato from M9 Girls! by Rulo and Kanela.
  6. Captain Wizard from Magic Scienceland.
  7. Greasepaint the psycho clown, as a cuddly toy.

May they all rest in peace.
You can help preserve their memory by reading their stories.