Jane’s 15 minutes of fame. In this version of the future, video recording does not yet exist. So, all broadcasts are live and graphics are help up to the telephote.

Some webcomic cameos on this page include The Schlub photo bombing the 2nd panel, and Andy from Daddy’s Girl looking over the wreckage in the 3rd panel. Go read ’em!

Original Script

NOTE: Newscasts are done live. 
There are no video recording devices beyond still cameras.

The 3rd Armada departs with a bang! 

Show a “TV” projected image of someone (off screen) holding a 
large photograph of military vehicles up to the camera. 
Caption on the photo reads “3rd Armada journeys east” and “CCL News”.

An unknown craft entering restricted airspace above Wizard Island…
Photo is pulled off screen to show the castle on the island across the water.

…was swiftly neutralized by the valiant crew of the HMS Benjiman.
Zoom in on the smoking wreck floating in the water as police boats hover nearby.

Cut to the newswoman holding a speaking tube and standing on the 
bridge where Jane landed. The view is still seen through a grainy TV projection.
In the ensuing chaos one Jane Webb, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Webb, was thrown from the family’s airship.
And survived!

Cut to a live view of Jane standing next to the newswoman on a platform. 
The Palace towers majestically behind them. 
The news crew’s camera is made up huge bellows and some electrical 
apparatus with lots of wires. There is a gawking crowd gathered 
held back by a few men with clubs, 
and a woman holding the oversized photos shown earlier.

Tell us. 
What happened?

Looking very nervous
Well, um. 
This vessel clipped us.
And I fell overboard.