“Come at me, bro!”

“Please speak clearly into the dildo”. Damn, now I can’t unsee it! Is it worth fixing?

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If you’re wondering why Jane’s hair is so short, as a mummy she was mostly bald and wore that black wig to hide it. But, as her health and vigor have  improved her naturally curly hair has started growing back. Here’s what she might have looked like with long hair, from an early concept sketch.


Still trying to find a way to slip that barber robot into the story.

Original Script

Looking up
A truly horrifying experience.
Plummeting from such elevation with death staring you in the eye. 

Back to Jane, who is looking up with her mouth agape.
Your short life rushing before you all the way down.

As Harriet glides to Jane’s shoulder.
But, like a winged angel, you landed with scarcely a graze. 
Any insights on today’s miracle?

Switch view to televised version of the broadcast being 
watched by citizens crowded around a projection set.

Since my coma I’ve become practically indestructible. 
When those democrats attacked my mother …

… Mrs. Marry Webb, who survived a brutal assassination attempt last fall…

Absent mindedly touching her necklace
Yeah. Well, they won’t try that again. 
Because I can…