Jane seems a little taken aback by her celebrity. You remember the accident and her awkward interview, right?

Speaking of fans, Charlie Wise of Groovy, Kinda infamy drew this adorable sketch of his Blue Moon pirate characters. I couldn’t resist sharing it. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you like “Groovy, Kinda” pick up his “Blue Moon” graphic novel. It’s more of the same, only different, and gives some back story to the current motley crew and their swashbuckling guests.


Original Script

Peering at Jane
You look a wreck, maโ€™lady. 
Were you accosted? 
Looking around.
I shall find you a constable.

No! No! I only need to locate this woman.

Suddenly star struck.
Are you... Oh my! It is you! 
From the telephote broadcast!
Hey Edwin! 
Lookโ€™it here.

Bless my bread. 
You are her!