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I’ve sunk to a new low in a transparent attempt to attract viewers: bodice ripping! Okay, so technically a bodice is the vest part of a dress and not the sleeves. The more you know.

Original Script

NOTE: This scene wasn't in the script. 
The previous version had the two flying guards chase our heroes down 
a blind alley only to discover the kids have disappeared. And then 
there was lots of complaining by the guards while the fugitives hide nearby.

You are under arrest for resisting arrest.

That doesn’t even make...
My dress!

Slaps the policeman but her strength causes his head to smack 
the wall behind him. He slumps unconscious or dazed.

Oh, I am so sorry. 
Are you ok? Sir?

If you were not such a sapscull I’d be truly frightened of you.